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important index to measure the shoe industry development

Some people say, the developed degree of an area of the shoe industry can not onlyfrom the scale of development the local shoe-making, tanning enterprises to review, itcan be judged from its development speed of shoe leather industry, as an important part of shoe leather industry supporting shoe machine industry is the most importantone of the indicators. Then, Fujian Quanzhou as China's important sports shoesproduction base, the development of shoe machine industry is how? Believe that all had been to Quanzhou industry will find, a notable characteristic for the shoe machine industry is the sales agent for foreign shoe brand, independent production of shoes machine products and brands accounted for only a few.

The fundamental driving force of product diversification -- enterprise from weak to strong development

In common with most of Quanzhou shoe machine manufacturing enterprises is,Zhongtai shoes in the initial start-up business is mainly rely on the sale of second-hand machine equipment, the purchase of second-hand shoes machinery equipmentis its elimination from some foreign and domestic shoe-making enterprises, repair andrefurbished and sold to enterprises is relatively backward area some shoe leatherindustry development. This business model not only has the advantages of low risk,capital operation and smooth, but also to the enterprise training of skilled workers also have the advantage be richly endowed by nature, the enterprise can be in repair and maintenance of second-hand equipment at the same time, improve the level ofenterprise technology workers. However, with the continuous development of the industry and progress requirements, shoe-making enterprises in the purchase of equipment is also more and more high, second-hand machine equipment marketdemand reduction. At this time, China and Thailand shoe sensitive to rely solely onthe sale of second-hand machine equipment has been difficult to further expand its market, then, the agent in Taiwan and other parts of the shoe brand products intoThailand shoe seek new business growth point.

Using the extended operating in the sale of second-hand machine business market channels and accumulation of technical experience, Zhongtai shoes in the shoe brandagent other road can be said to be Everything is going smoothly. Various types ofexisting companies in Taiwan and Italy, the UK, Czech, many well-known brands, the help of machine, cutting machine, pipeline and sewing machine, and can provide line equipment plan and design the whole plant for customers, also held a shoe machineoperation and repair training class is not regularly for their customers, has successfully embarked on the diversified development from the past single sale ofsecond-hand machine road.

Despite their popularity grow with each passing day Thailand brand in the industry,but China and Thailand shoe executives still feel the crisis of survival. Since the agentmachine product is the use of the original brand is famous degree, own brand is well-known in the agency brand driven degree also rose to a certain extent, the core competitiveness of its own, but did not form a brand, such as Yu Genji, the instability of the castles in the air, if the agent brand quit, his the brand will be subjected to very big effect. In view of this situation, China and Thailand shoe shoe machine industry in the development of their own at the same time established the Aetna shoes mould Co. Ltd., to provide shoes mold products for their customers and other shoe companies.This multi legged walking pattern of development and policy to let Zhongtai businessvolume has risen, brand awareness is also grow with each passing day.

The basic guarantee of market diversification -- the sustainable development of enterprises

By the end of the year can be said to be Quanzhou shoe enterprises the most busy,because at this time coincides with the shoe-making enterprises newly addedequipment season, both independent production or other brands of shoes enterprisesagent have ushered in a rare year sales season. But in contrast to that, in the coming months, as the end of the shoe-making enterprises add devices work, business volume almost all shoe-making enterprises are in steep decline, some of the largerenterprises still can be carried out after sale service for their customers to continue toexpand the market, but some of the relatively small size of enterprises have to rely onbusiness related material products a day.

In view of this situation, China and Thailand shoe machine general manager Ding Yufeng told the reporters, they adopted a multiple target markets and developmarketing strategies, although the market than the market development of a single area larger than expand the preliminary investment way, but once the market after forming, complementary advantages between various markets will benefit enterprises.So, Zhongtai shoes from initial venture developing except Quanzhou outside the localmarket. Now China shoes products not only in the southeast coast of China and theshoe industry have a very good market, its presence in the Middle East, Vietnam and other shoe industry in less developed regions. Constructing let Zhongtai shoes simply can't feel the difference between sales off-season perfect market network system, likeDing Department said: "us early in the market of investment finally return!"

To "full fame" -- enterprises seek greater development in cooperation

In 2004 February, Italy shoe machine industry "big brother" Man Yu Group officially signed a cooperation agreement with Jinjiang Zhongtai shoes, become a "big deal isthe Fujian shoe industry attention".

According to Ding Zong introduction, before contact cooperation of Quanzhou shoesindustry and Italy shoe machine manufacturers are not many, Italy economicprosperity, Italy businessmen shoes on the China understanding more long. However,in their minds, Guangdong, Taiwan and other regions China is shoes.