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Analysis on the development status Chinese shoe machine industry (turn)

In recent three years, the shoe-making machinery in China with annual sales every year more than 20% growth rate last year sales growth of more than 30%.

With the China become the world footwear processing base, shoe-making enterprisescompleted the initial venture capital and technology accumulation, will be timely under the shoe factory process improvement, design and production of the new machine,improve the ability to develop new products, create China shoe brands and with Chinese characteristics shoes. Quality Chinese machine already stable, shoes machine exports will have great development space.

Chinese Footwear Association media institutions "in news" magazine reporter shoesdirector Wu Dan introduced, now China shoe-making machinery enterprises and products has the following characteristics: some of the production in the industry orregion is the largest, similar products accounted for the largest share of the market;technology development and innovation ability, the production of products most varieties, the most complete of Qi; leading products each enterprise are the leading domestic technology, or is a patented product; quality is stable, by the relevant state departments detection; advanced management, enterprise through the ISO9000 certification, CE certification; sales channels, good after sale service.

According to customs statistics, in 2003, the domestic shoe-making equipment imported $30000000, mainly from the Taiwan area, Italy, South Korea Chinese,compared to the same period in 2002 declined 33%, accounted for only about 5% ofmarket share in mainland china. Replace sb. is, nearly three years, the shoe-making machinery in China with annual sales every year more than 20% growth rate. Last year, although the mainland with the SARS, but did not affect the shoe factoryequipment renewal, industry sales of more than 30% growth in the amount of orders,many enterprises, still can not meet the needs of the market.

Shoe machinery industry in China was born in twentieth Century 80, after 20 years of struggle, has Chinese shoe-making machinery pacesetter enterprises more than 300,mainly distributed in Wenzhou, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Shandong etc.. Among them, the number of Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian enterprises accounted for 90%,sales have accounted for more than 90%. The current production of enterprisesshoes machine products, from shoes design, system help equipment, molding equipment to install the soles, the whole decorated shoes and basic laboratory equipment products can produce, quality stability. Along with the economic integration, shoes machine industry is faced with new opportunities. China shoe-making enterprises, won the opportunity to accelerate development.

Guangdong: world processing base. Chinese a shoe in key areas of GuangdongProvince, is the leather products processing production countries and areas of the world, especially the main area of footwear products. In Dongguan, Shenzhen and other regions, the growth of a large number of shoe-making machinery enterprises.The main enterprises of shoe-making machinery Guangdong Dongguan Cheyne shoe machinery factory, Nanhai Lanqi shoe factory, Yu is machine etc..

Wenzhou: take the National Road, near to the world. "Chinese shoes are" known as Wenzhou, 90 years, private capital to invest in new and expansion of the footwear industry, many shoe factories, need a large number of shoe-making machinery and related services. To this end, Wenzhou shoe machine industry entrepreneurs are a large number of inputs, through research on the Italy, Taiwan area imported equipment for the domestic shoe-making enterprises have already used, combined with the China conditions to produce a series of more suited to domestic shoe-making process of shoe-making equipment. Now, shoe-making machinery enterprises in Wenzhou area has been more than a hundred varieties, each link of the basic coverage of shoemaking craft, fully equipped with the whole plant output, product quality and technical content close to or even more than the level of Taiwan's shoe machine, shoe and into the Italy design, craft production concept. Wenzhou shoes the most representative enterprises in Wenzhou Dalong Machinery Co. Ltd., Wenzhou Oujiang Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Dashun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Cangqiao Light Industry Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,Wenzhou Yongyu Machine Co., ltd..

Jinjiang: land development of shoe-making machinery. Fujian Jinjiang is the largestarea of our country the production of sports shoes, travel shoes, casual shoes, there are currently more than 3000 shoe enterprises, an annual output of nearly500000000 pairs of shoes. In recent years, the city has introduced shoemaking production line more than 2000 (sets), the average annual investment 800000000 yuan of funds for technological transformation, is fertile ground for the development of shoe machinery. Development of Sino Thai shoes machine Shoes Development Co. Ltd., Jinjiang 八达鞋衣 equipment factory, Kaijia Machinery Co., Ltd., Fujian embodies the shoe-making machinery strength.

Northern Dynasty: industry, a world. The northern area Chinese, have for the footwear industry had to contribute, the longest history of shoe-making enterprisesproduction. Qingdao Huanqiu Machinery Co., Ltd., Beijing Longyuanelectromechanical equipment company, the standard sewing machine WanpingMachinery Co., Ltd. is one of the best. Yancheng is located in northern Jiangsu,where the traffic is not Guangdong, Fujian, Wenzhou and other coastal and the bigcity is convenient, also does not have Wenzhou, Fujian, Guangdong so many shoe factories, but Yancheng shoe 80's production cutting equipment, and a large number of export. With the development of the market economy, Yancheng, Jiangsu shoe machine industry also emerged a number of emerging enterprises. They are Jiangsu shoe machine industry, re contract, Shou credibility model enterprises.

Wu Dan think, with the China become the world footwear processing base, shoe-making enterprises completed the initial venture capital and technology accumulation,will be timely under the shoe factory process improvement, design and production ofnew.